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Rules for using multimedia teaching equipment in classrooms
1. About the integrated controller The integrated controller has the main power supply, projector switch and signal switching system. When in use, please turn on the main power switch first, and then you can turn on the power of the equipment to be used.
2. About the projector The projector is the most expensive equipment in multimedia teaching equipment, and it is also more prone to failure. The lamp of the projector is the most wearable and expensive component, and it is a place to pay attention to in normal use. Please remember the steps for turning on and off the projector:
1. Teaching equipment-starting the projector
(1) Turn on the main power switch on the integrated controller first.
(2) Turn on the "power on" on the projector switch again. At this time, the projector is turned on, and the automatic curtain will be slowly lowered at the same time, and the two are synchronized.
(3) Select the signal projected by the projector in the signal switching area. There are 4 types: desktop computer, digital booth (ie, physical projector), laptop, and video signal.
2. Teaching equipment-turning off the projector
1) When not fully shut down When you don't need to use the projector (you don't need to turn off the power of the projector if you want to continue using it for a short time) but you want to continue to use other equipment such as computers, you can turn off the power of the projector.
2) When all devices need to be shut down, no matter which signal switch is in, first shut down the computer or digital booth, and then press the "power off" button in the "projector switch" area of the integrated controller. At the same time as it is closed, the automatic curtain will slowly roll up by itself, and the two will be synchronized. Finally, press the "off" of the "total power" on the integrated controller.
Three, matters needing attention
1. When using the projector, please strictly follow the normal turn-on sequence, that is, turn on the main power first, and then press the projector's "power on" button; when turning off the main power switch, be sure to turn off the computer and digital booth first (otherwise the integrated controller The delay protection does not work and will burn the bulb), then press the projector’s "off" button, and then turn off the main power.
2. If the projector cannot be turned on after turning on the main power and then turning on the projector according to the normal steps, it may be caused by improper shutdown during the last use. Please turn off the projector according to the normal method, and then turn it on again to recover.
3. After the podium storing the above equipment is opened, do not press hard or lean on the two open doors.
4. Please pay attention to the waterproof work of the platform during daily use.
5. The keys of multimedia teaching equipment are managed by each class teacher. The head teacher of each class is the first person responsible for the multimedia teaching equipment in the classroom.
6. Please pay attention to whether all multimedia teaching equipments have been turned off when school is over, and unplug the power plug.

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